The Official TON UP CLUB Charter Philosophy of the Club: The Ton Up Club was founded on the idea that classic bikes were built to be ridden not just polished and stared at. It’s also based on the Rocker culture of England in the 1960’s, which was strongly influenced by American outlaw biker culture of the 1950’s and the movie the Wild One. It’s really all about hanging out with your mates, riding your bike to the café and rock-n-roll. Requirements for membership: 1. Must believe in the club philosophy 2. Must have a motorcycle that either is a café racer, is built in the spirit of a café racer or is at least ridden with that attitude. Rules: 1. No “Cruiser” motorcycles allowed. Period. No exceptions. If you want to be in the club then get a cool bike. 2. No modern sport bikes. A Ducati Monster is cool, but not a Ducati 996. A Honda GB500 will work, but not a Kawasaki Ninja. Get it? 3. There are no real officers in the club. All events are put on by members of the club as a group. We don’t want to start having meetings about meetings. Important: The name “Ton Up Club” and any version of that name, the spade logo and any version of that logo and any content of the web site are the sole property of the club founders and can not be used without permission of said founders or there representatives. We just want to keep it about cool bikes, cool beers and having a good time without any wankers.